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Building a Nest Egg with FAR's Help

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

One year ago, Arsen Galstyan began his journey into the world of quail breeding. Back then he had 150 birds. Today, he has 700.

Since starting his side business selling eggs and poultry for consumption, Arsen has increased his income by about 60,000 AMD (nearly $150) per month, supplementing what he makes at his day job as an agricultural specialist for a local Sisian Region village municipality.

FAR’s Small Business Assistance (SBA) project enabled Arsen to purchase the tools and equipment he needed, like an incubator and a food grinder, to breed his quails.

“Between incubating the eggs, feeding them properly, and preparing meat for consumption, quail breeding is a lot of work,” said Arsen. “But I hope we can make it.”

He has help from his 11-year-old daughter, Elina, after whom he plans to name the business “Echiko.”

Arsen spent 16 years working in Russia before coming back home to his village. Once he expands his stock of quails to 1,000, he believes he will be able to double his income.

FAR empowers Armenians to enhance their future through greater self-sufficiency. Projects like SBA make this happen. Support FAR’s Economic Development Program today.

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