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CASP Beneficiaries Rafayel and Irina Stepanyan

Rafayel and Irina Stepanyan live with their mother and grandmother in the city of Akhlkalak in Javakhk, Georgia. Their mother works at a shop in town, and earns barely enough to make ends meet. Often, they can’t afford to buy medicine for the children’s ailing grandmother.

Irina is in the ninth grade and Rafayel in the fifth grade. Irina is an exceptional student, and hopes to continue her formal education after high school. However, the family’s poverty is quite overwhelming. Rafayel is fond of sports, and enjoys playing football with his peers. With great pleasure, Rafayel and Irina help their mother with all of the housework.

The children were elated to receive the CASP stipend, and they express their deepest gratitude to the benefactors. There are many children in need in Armenia and Javakhk. FAR is trying to reach as many of them as possible, and out effectiveness will increase with your support.


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