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Celine's Dispatches - FAR's Intern in Armenia - First Glimpse of Yerevan.

I was three and a half years old when the earthquake ravaged the north-west part of Armenia. Because of my young age, I couldn't apprehend the notion of time. One day back in France, feeling very self-confident , I walked up to my grandpa and told him, "Now I understand why you are here. Your parents fled from the earthquake!"

Today, while leaving a flower on the genocide memorial, I envisioned the shy smile that my grandpa had on his face and clearly remembered his answer, "No that’s not it," he said.

Visiting the Genocide Memorial was a very emotional moment for all of the Young Professionals in the group, especially for one of the women who had grown up with her great-grandmother telling genocide stories, unleashing her ghosts from the past.

We’ve spent the rest of the day in Yerevan visiting FAR’s Children Center, Cascade and Matenadaran (Manuscript Museum).

- Celine

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