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Celine's Dispatches - FAR's Intern in Armenia - Water Pouring From the Sky

With temperatures now reaching 105°F in Yerevan, I welcomed Vardavar Day with open arms. On Sunday July 18th, buckets of waters were poured all over the capital. Distracted pedestrians, cars with windows left open, and foreigner were specific targets for the childrens’ folly. So I came home drenched, but happy that for once I could walk in Yerevan without zigzagging from tree to tree seeking shade.

In ancient times, Vardavar was a pagan celebration honoring the goddess of water. This holiday has been integrated into the Christan calendar, and today it falls exactly 98 days after Easter and has become an important family holiday.

On the Saturday before Vardavar, Armenians are at work because the following Monday is a vacation day. The quiet streets of Yerevan on Monday reminded me that summer is the best time for angist (rest).

- Celine

P.S. : As you can imagine, I am unable to provide pictures. With the litters of water being poured, there was no possibility to take my camera out of my flat!

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