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Celine's Dispatches - FAR's Intern in Armenia - Yerevan Disconnected from the Web

On July 13th, I went, as usual, to FAR’s Yerevan office to begin my day’s work. However, on that particular day, we had no electricity and therefore no Internet. After an hour, I realized that all hope was lost and I decided to go on a hunt through Yerevan for Internet.

After dropping by my fiancé’s office, it became clear that I wouldn’t be able to get a connection in the downtown area. Therefore, I decided to go to some internet cafes outside of Yerevan’s city center. But alas, still no internet.

I was told “it happens!” in a very matter-of-fact way. Yerevan is not New York: in Yerevan, if you lose internet, you don’t worry about it. You just leave work and enjoy the sunny afternoon: tomorrow will be another day!

- Celine

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