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Charms of a Mid-West Songstress.

Read more in Yerevan about a bright-eyed Armenian American singer from Wichita.

Very rarely does one come across a musician one can instantly love and draw inspiration from. Leaving a lasting impression with her bright-eyed perspective is Melineh Kurdian, a singer and songwriter from Wichita, Kansas. With smiles to go around, Melineh is on a mission to capture hearts with her unflinchingly honest lyrics. Allow yourself to get lost in her folksy sound with an open mind.

An Amalgram of Music

Coined the “hybrid genre” by British musician Teddy Thompson, Melineh Kurdian’s music is in a genre of its own. Her simplistic and soulful tunes have influences of blues, country, rock, folk, and jazz. No matter what genre her music may flow from, the most important thing to Melineh is that the song is served with a strong melody and lyrics that are both harmonious and inviting to the listener. The emphasis on writing and composing her own music is crucial to her being. Reviving the art of songwriting one track at a time, Melineh’s dedication to making authentic music is unparalleled. Quoting jazz legend Duke Ellington, “If it sounds good and feels good, then it is good!” is advice that Melineh lives by when writing and creating her melodies.


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