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CME Staff Discuss Progress of Karabagh Partnership.

Last week, Continuing Medical Education staff (CME) visited Nagorno-Karabagh to meet with Karabagh’s Minister of Health Sergey Movsisyan and discuss the progress of the Armenian-American Health Professionals Organization (AAHPO) and FAR CME Program partnership. Since the start of the partnership in March, 14 physicians from Karabagh hospitals have been trained at leading hospitals in Yerevan. This is the first time that these physicians have had an opportunity to receive training. Some important points about program development were discussed as well. Program leaders look forward to having more trainees join the program and help to ensure its sustainability. Also, they look forward to having a more diverse array of specialists participate as well.

Staff also visited Shushi Hospital, Republican Hospital and the Hospital of Infectious Diseases in Stepanakert. Meetings and discussions with FAR medical program fellows were organized to help strengthen the program’s network and develop new objectives based on feedback.


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