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Collaborating for Armenia’s and Artsakh’s Healthcare: Highlights from the 6th International Medical

“Together, we can do more” – the resounding slogan that reverberated through the halls of the 6th International Medical Congress of Armenia (IMCA), encapsulated the spirit of compassion, collaboration, and support within the community of physicians and healthcare providers hailing from Armenia, Artsakh, and the Diaspora. Together, they embraced the common goal of advancing Armenia's healthcare landscape and nurturing holistic development.

IMCA was initiated in 2003, and this was the 6th landmark conference with a purpose of fortifying the bonds between Armenia and the Diaspora, addressing the challenges confronting healthcare systems in Armenia and Artsakh, and facilitating the introduction of the best practices in medicine.

Amidst the gathering of over 2,500 healthcare providers from Armenia, the Diaspora, and Artsakh, approximately 150 distinguished experts from renowned medical universities and institutions, including Boston University Aram Chobanian & Edward Avedisian School of Medicine, Cleveland Clinic, and the Russian Scientific-Clinical Center of Gerontology, lent their expertise to the proceedings.

Beyond engaging discussions and enlightening Q&A sessions, the Congress featured an impressive array of 23 satellite symposia. These sessions attracted numerous representatives from Armenia and the Diaspora, while physicians from Artsakh participated via Zoom, given the ongoing blockade by the Azeris.

Many distinguished healthcare experts shared their expertise in multiple panel and satellite symposia discussions, including Dr. Day Hollis, Chief of Geriatrics Department at Boston University School of Medicine, who emphasized the global significance of geriatrics, Elen Mkhitaryan, Geriatrics satellite symposium invited speaker, Russian Gerontology research and clinical center, Sharon Chekijian, Plenary speaker, Emergency Medicine, Yale University, Viken Babikian, Plenary Speaker, Neurology, Boston University, Armine Hakobyan, Allergology satellite symposium organizer, YSMU, FARFAA president etc.

Arno Hovhannisyan, Coordinator of Health Programs at FAR, delivered presentations on two pivotal subjects: "Continuous Professional Development of Healthcare Providers in Armenia and Artsakh" and "A Multidisciplinary Community-Based Model for Improving Children's Health," which were based on FAR’s multiyear experience in running healthcare projects in Armenia and Artsakh.

"In the realm of conferences, expectations abound—knowledge expands, experiences intertwine. Yet it is through networking that the true power of 'hope' is unleashed, connecting hearts and minds in pursuit of a brighter tomorrow," candidly stated Hambardzum Simonyan, representing FAR and serving as Co-chair of the Congress.

To donate to help healthcare in Armenia, support FAR’s Health Program today.


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