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Congratulations to Graduates!

A generation of new Armenian technologists, some of whom are aspiring webmasters and others who are aspiring chip designers, recently graduated from GITC (also known as GTech) in Gyumri.

Opening with traditional Armenian dances, the ceremony was held in the Gyumri movie theatre. M. Aram Hajian, dean of the engineering college of the American University in Armenia (AUA), delivered a speech emphasizing that the newly graduated students are the future of Gyumri.

Jason Paul Kazarian, director of GITC, delivered a few remarks before distributing diplomas to the proud students. The ceremony concluded with the graduates, dressed in cap and gown, throwing their caps in the air and letting out bursts of joy.

GITC has proved to be a valuable project with respect to promoting sustainable development in Gyumri. FAR’s support of GITC has inspired the municipality of Gyumri to start a massive project aimed at turning the city into a technology hub.


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