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Creating a Better Future for Her Grandchildren

Updated: May 2, 2022

Teenagers Vardazar and Roza Zakaryan have been living with their grandmother Imastun in Javakhk, Georgia ever since their mother died in 2018 from liver cancer. (Their father died from a head injury in 2012.)

The family subsists on the grandmother’s pension and the children’s state benefits. Yet, ever since they started to receive CASP stipends, they have been able to purchase more food and enough firewood to heat their home during the wintertime, thus relieving some of their financial burdens and making their lives a bit more comfortable.

“It’s a huge support for our family, as winters here are very cold, and with my pension, we can hardly make ends meet,” Imastun said. She tries her best to create to better future for her grandchildren despite her hardship.“My dream now is to raise educated grandchildren who can work and improve their lives.”

Vardazar hopes to become an economist while Roza wants to become a nurse.


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