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Dispatches from Armenia - City Strolling.

Time is funny here. Even when I leave work late, (which is most nights) I half expect the streets of Yerevan to be fairly quiet and the restaurants to be winding down, but that is never the case. I say this as a New Yorker who is used to and who loves late-night dining, throngs of people and constant urban energy. So I am very pleasantly surprised that Yerevan is also a lively late-night city. But there’s something different about it. Here the restaurants are open late and there are people everywhere, but it seems coupled with this overall desire to linger, to while away the hours over dinner or coffee, good conversation or by taking a walk through one of Yerevan’s many parks. Here everyone seems to do that, teenagers, families, and so on.

I admit that it’s pretty funny to see small children darting around cafes or riding powerwheels through Republic Square at 12:30 on a weeknight. But there’s something to be said for just enjoying things at a leisurely pace. Sometimes I feel too rushed back at home to truly let myself do that. Or maybe it’s the just that I take solace in having the company. Perhaps I’m succumbing to peer pressure. Either way, I support the Yerevantsi on this one and I’m happy to join them any night.

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