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Education is our flagship direction

Thanks to FAR's generous support, the National Center for Inclusive Education for CWDs has had a fantastic makeover. Once a dilapidated Soviet-era building, untouched by renovation for years, with a deteriorating roof and inadequate rooms for specialists to assess the needs of CWDs and work effectively, has now undergone a complete overhaul. This transformation has created a comfortable and empowering environment, benefiting both the dedicated Center staff and the children it has served for years.

FAR and the National Center for Inclusive Education for CWDs have been working together for nearly three years now in order to not only rejuvenate the Center physically but also to empower its staff through locally and internationally organized training and capacity-building initiatives.

During the presentation of FAR's renovation efforts, the Center Director Lilit Mnatsakanyan highlighted the significance of the newly equipped pottery lab, and shared exciting plans for the upcoming phase of our collaboration which includes a state-of-the-art sensor room, and introduced the "MIASIN" ("Together") inclusive theater troupe set to debut in November.

"We are delighted and proud to provide you with an opportunity to carry on your vital work in a clean and comfortable environment. At FAR, we are involved in a wide range of programs, but education is a flagship direction for us. The renovation and improvement of the Center building perfectly align with our mission and future objectives," expressed Bagrat Sargsyan, FAR Armenia Country Director, during a group tour of the rejuvenated Center on September 6th.

The National Center Supporting Inclusive Education for CWDs is sponsored by the Fund for Armenian Relief through generosity of our Friends "Hovsep Foundation," "The John Mirak Foundation" and "Myron and Mary Shahinian Stapanian Fund."

To support inclusive education for children with special needs, donate to FAR today!


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