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Emil Vartapetyan, CME Trainer

Trainer physicians play a critical role in the CME program, and are instrumental to its success. With patience and devotion, the training physicians share their experience and knowledge with their colleagues from the outer regions of Armenia. Emil Vartapetyan is one such CME trainer. He is the Head of the Anesthesiology and Reanimation Department of Yerevan “Kanaker-Zeytun” Medical Center. Since the inception of the CME Program, Emil has been involved in training participating physicians, and has therefore worked closely with FAR. Over the past five years, nine physicians have been trained under his supervision. Emil’s grandmother has been the Head of Yerevan Republican Pediatric Hospital for nearly 40 years, and she inspired her grandchild to enter the medical profession. After graduating from Yerevan State Medical University, Emil went on to complete his PhD and has worked in various medical institutions throughout Yerevan

When FAR asked Emil what he gets out of participating in the program as a trainer, Emil responded “My interest is to be helpful and bring benefit to a community. I also find it a valuable opportunity to establishing new relationships and partnership.” Thanks to the FAR CME program, Emil Vardapetyan has become acquainted with numerous colleagues from hospitals located outside of Yerevan. As a result, he often receives calls from these hospitals and offer guidance in difficult medical situations.

During our visit to the Kanaker-Zeytun Medical Center, Emil showed us the equipment that FAR has donated over the past few years. Thanks to the availability of these advanced technologies, the quality and effectiveness of medical care in Armenia have greatly improved. Professionals like Emil make FAR’s CME program is so successful. We are honored to have the participation of physicians like Emil, who work hard every day to improve the quality of healthcare in Armenia.


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