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Sargis Ghumashyan, Foster Child

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Sargis Ghumashyan’s mother died when he was an infant. He never knew his father. As a baby, he was taken in by his mother’s friend but soon placed in Vanadzor Orphanage when it was discovered he was being used as a pawn for begging.

When Sargis was 12, the FAR Children’s Center placed him with his foster parents, Ararat and Marine, who had no children of their own. With them Sargis stayed, and the health and emotional issues he’d had at the orphanage dissipated after he found himself in a stable, loving home.

“I have always been surrounded by a special love and care that will never leave me,” Sargis said.

Now 25, Sargis and his wife Armine have a little boy named Ararat, the namesake of Sargis’ foster father. Being raised by foster parents enabled Sargis to find belonging and wholeness as part of a family, and the joy of expanding that family by creating one of his own.


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