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Artsakh Nurses CME Program: Empowering Important Healthcare Providers of the Region

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Registered nurses Gohar Dadayan and Karine Khachatryan recently held a training for 30 of their colleagues from the Martuni Region of Artsakh to transfer the knowledge they gained in Yerevan earlier this year when they participated in FAR’s Artsakh Regional Nurses Program Training of Trainers (ToT) course. The course focused on medical emergencies.

“In the villages of our region nurses are usually considered doctors as we don’t have specialists for every discipline. Nurses usually do whatever emergency intervention is needed and direct the patients to Stepanakert, the capital when they need a specialized doctor,” said Gohar. “The training went well, and I’m pleased with the outcome. Professional networking and friendly hangouts—it excelled my expectations.”

Gohar and Karine work together at Martuni Medical Center where they serve 38 villages in the region, treating more than 30 patients a day on average, but still, love their jobs. Gohar found she actually enjoyed her role as a trainer as she and Karine loved talking to course participants and sharing their knowledge with them.

“Designing the training wasn’t that tough either since we know how to work well together,” Karine said.

Launched last year, Artsakh Regional Nurses Program was made possible thanks to the visionary generosity of the Nazarian Family Foundation and continuing guidance and support by outstanding FAR friend Dr. Raffy Hovanessian. It includes interactive theoretical and practical courses taught at Armenia’s National Institute of Health in Yerevan and at other relevant medical centers. The aim of the program is to empower more than 400 nurses from Artsakh over the course of three years.

Last year 120 nurses from Artsakh’s Hadrut, Kashatagh, Karvachar, and Martakert regions received training. So far this year trainings have been held in Martuni, Askeran, and Shushi, as well as in Hadrut, Kashatagh, and Martakert.


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