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FAR Helps Boy with Cerebral Palsy Obtain Life-Changing Surgery

Six-year-old Davit Tashchyan likes to listen to music on his headphones and take long walks in his mother’s arms. Davit was diagnosed with cerebral palsy shortly after his birth, making it extremely hard for him to control his legs and to balance. He also suffers from muscle stiffness and weakness.

A few months ago, Davit was also diagnosed with spasticity disease, a related muscular condition that can interfere with normal movement and speech. While the condition requires corrective surgery as early as possible his parents, Naira and Saghatel, could not afford the orthopedic fixation device necessary to help him heal properly post-surgery.

The family lives in Ararat Province where they have a farm and a few cows, which help them to sell milk, yogurt, and cheese, however, their income is not stable. Their choices were to either delay the procedure or apply for a loan to pay for it. Then they heard about FAR’s Transforming Children’s Health and Development Project.

With FAR’s help, Davit was able to go to Arabkir Medical Center in Yerevan for muscle-release surgery on his right leg and hip. He will have additional surgery in three months. Despite the challenges he faces, Davit is a positive and happy child.

“We have been told that it was unlikely that Davit would ever be able to walk or sit unaided. The older he got, the worse it got with daily activities such as standing, walking, and even moving in a couch or bed,” said Naira. Now, doctors say he has a great chance of being able to walk following the second surgery. “FAR’s support was a great assistance for us. The orthopedic fixation device costs a lot of money. I am very happy and grateful to FAR as the support came on time, otherwise, it would have been very complicated for my boy in the future.”

This year, two other children like Davit have received healthcare services and surgical assistance thanks to Transforming Children’s Health and Development, which is implemented in Armenia’s Ararat and Aragatsotn provinces.


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