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Our Mission is More Important Than Ever

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Improving Armenia’s healthcare system is a major focus of FAR’s work. And over the past decades, we’ve become a trusted name in health. Now, as the system faces one of the ultimate tests and as healthcare workers throughout the country come face to face with the impact of a rapidly evolving pandemic, our mission is more important than ever.

To do our part to equip the heroes of healthcare, we have partnered with the National Institute of Health in Armenia to sponsor virtual training courses for 500 medical personnel based in the field, in Yerevan, the provinces, and in Artsakh. These include doctors, nurses, and hospital managers and administrators. The first session was held last week for 70 doctors throughout various regions of Artsakh. Today it kicked off in the Syunik Region. 

We are also working with the Ministry of Health to move valuable equipment like protective suits, gloves and masks, as quickly as possible to hospitals and clinics in Yerevan and in the more remote regions with the highest need, like the Nor Nork Clinic of Infectious Diseases. 

Finally, the children who rely upon the healthy meals provided by our nutrition program normally access them at school. With schools closed for the moment, we will provide baskets with a one-month supply of food to 1,500 children in rural and impoverished Aragatsotn and Tavush provinces. Distributions will continue until school resumes.

As an organization that has weathered change and challenge, FAR's mission continues and we remain steadfast.


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