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FAR Programs Assist Ambitious Syrian-Armenian Architectural Student

Meet Noura Toubrakji, one of our Nishanian Foundation Scholarship Students. An architecture and design student at  the National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia, Noura has also received support through FAR’s  recently launched “Assistance to Parentless Children and Youth Program,” which has already supported more than 45  orphanage alumni, orphans and resettled Syrian-Armenian families and youth in myriad ways.

A native of Aleppo, Noura and her family moved to Armenia in 2014.

“We had to leave our house and live with the family of my father’s friend. I was dreaming about Armenia.  My only visit was when I was six and when we finally moved here, I was happy,” she recalled.

Studying painting in Aleppo and keeping up high grades motivated Noura to become an architect. But it was September when she arrived in Armenia—too late for her to take her university exams. “I entered a preparatory  course in 2014. One year later I passed the exams and entered university,” she said.

Once she was accepted, Noura applied and received assistance through the Nishanian Scholarship. But with her  father currently the only breadwinner, she wasn’t able to afford necessary supplies for school. Recently,  through Assistance for Parentless Children, we presented her with a new laptop.

“With this laptop I can help build myself a decent portfolio, which is what I need to find a job. I love  designing. Really. I enjoy every moment when I work,” Noura said. “I don’t imagine my future in Syria or any  other country, just Armenia as this is my Hayreniq (motherland).”

The Assistance to Parentless Children and Youth Program is supported by The Appelian Foundation.


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