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FAR Receives Two New Microscopes

FAR recently accepted a gift of two new microscopes from the United Armenia Fund. Michael Candan donated the microscopes, and we are happy to have them for our CME (Continuing Medical Education) Program.

The demand for the new microscopes was high, so the allocation of the instruments was decided based on which hospitals claimed the greatest number of physicians and lab assistants trained through CME. It was also decided that one microscope should stay in Yerevan, and one should go to a regional hospital. These criteria resulted in one microscope provided to the Artik hospital in the Shirak region, and the other to the Yerevan State University Clinic.

Mrs. Anahit Karapetyan is a CME-trained physician working in the Artik Health center, and she was very happy to receive the microscope at the facility. Stay tuned tomorrow to read more about Anahit and the Artik Health Center.


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