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FAR’s CME Program Celebrates its 5Th Anniversary.

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

five years, the Continuing Medical Education Program has provided Armenia’s doctors with the training and the connections they need to improve their practices and, ultimately Armenian healthcare. Since the program began in 2005, more than 240 doctors have received training.

This week, FAR celebrated CME’s anniversary along with the 90th anniversary of Yerevan State Medical University at the medical school’s campus. YSMU partners with FAR to offer training and mentoring to doctors in the program. Organizers, YSMU representatives, National Institute of Health staff, regional doctors, trainers, trainees and other guests attended.

FAR’s Medical Programs Coordinator Hambartsum Simonyan opened the ceremony. CME supporters Dr. Bella Grigoryan, coordinator of the FAR Fellowship Alumni Association, which is the group that originally founded the CME program, along with Dr. Gevorg Yaghjyan, vice rector of Yerevan State Medical University, also discussed the program’s results and its future developments. They were joined by vice chairman of FAR’s board and retired Columbia neurosurgeon Dr. Edgar Housepian, who traveled from New York to attend. He congratulated all participants and stressed the importance of CME’s role in promoting health care development in Armenia.

CME gives doctors from Armenia’s rural areas the opportunity to enhance their modern medical knowledge and practice. These doctors have the opportunity to learn about innovative approaches and methodologies from top healthcare providers in Yerevan free of cost. CME also holds symposiums throughout the year.


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