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FAR's Intern(s) in Armenia - Samantha - Arrival.

I’m in Armenia! It still seems surreal. Everyone on FAR’s Young Professional trip seems great so far. We have a diverse group with only three Armenian-speaking travelers and two fluent in Russian and I don’t think my knowledge of Italian will be helpful (even if we are staying in an Italian-owned hotel).

It’s been a long day of traveling and I haven’t quite established my footing yet, but I’m excited to start exploring Yerevan. So far I’ve been on a van tour through the “Little Las Vegas” of Armenia, right outside Yerevan (gambling, interestingly, is illegal inside the city) and we drove between the brandy and beer factories. Needless to say, I need to leave my hotel and see the real Yerevan.

With all this excitement on my plate, jet setting through countries was not as glamorous as it may have seemed. A layover in the non-air conditioned Moscow airport made my seventeen hour trip a little less comfortable. I’m just glad to be here and the long journey just added to the adventure that is my trip to the homeland. I will certainly go into more philosophical depth regarding my place in this country once I finally start exploring. Ts’tesutyun for now!


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