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Children Share a Memorable Day at VOAH

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Last week, about twenty fourth-graders from Vanadzor #4 School paid a heartwarming visit to FAR’s Vanadzor Old Age Home (VOAH), sharing an exciting day-long program with the VOAH elders that encouraged physical activity, social interaction, learning, and even the pursuit of happiness.   

The annual visit from local children has long been considered mutually beneficial. “It’s not the first time schoolchildren have been interacting like this with our elderly. Every time we host the children, our elders feel younger and more energized. They make friends with them and build warm and caring relationships. They hear beautiful stories about children’s success and, in turn, share their own wisdom. You can feel an excitement in the air; it’s like kids come in and turn the light on,” said Gayane Gevorgyan, assistant to VOAH’s director.

The schoolchildren toured the facility with VOAH residents and talked to them about school, their lives and their prospects. They were eager to hear the elders’ advice and about their life experiences. The kids had also prepared gift cards, flowers made from colorful paper, as well as sweets and cookies for residents.

VOAH elders sang songs and recited poems for the kids. “Live and love your life and your siblings; if you don’t have a beloved one, love your friends, love the sun and nature—you just can’t live without love,” 85-year-old Elmira sang to the children.  


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