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Newly-Renovated Atinizian Senior Center in Gyumri to Better Serve its 200 Low-Income Residents

The Atinizian Senior Center in Gyumri recently reopened after significant renovations.

The center’s patrons, Nishan and Margarit Atinizian, received a heartfelt standing ovation during the official re-opening, which was held during their visit to Armenia for FAR’s 30th anniversary celebration. Beneficiaries expressed their gratitude for the support they receive from the center.

One woman approached them. “I am so thankful; we are all very thankful. You are helping all of these people. You are supporting the soup kitchen workers as well. May God keep an eye on you and protect you,” said Anahit Demirchyan.

“It is my and my husband’s commitment to be with you, to make your days warm and cheerful, and we hope to see you smiling,” Mrs. Atinizian said to the crowd.

Operated by FAR, the Atinizian Center feeds about 200 elderly people in Gyumri as part of the FAR Soup Kitchens Program, some of whom are disabled or without a decent place to live. All of them struggle to make the ends meet with their minimal pensions. They primarily come to the center to receive free and nutritious meals five days a week, to socialize, and to bathe.

Previously dark and dingy, the senior center’s revamped premises now offer a clean, safe, cozy and comfortable environment, filled with light. The kitchen and bathrooms have also been fully renovated.

“The Atinizian Family has generously sponsored the Gyumri Senior Center for more than 15 years. In that time, it has truly become a center for fellowship and healing. In addition to receiving nutritious meals, elderly patrons enjoy the beautiful ambiance here, they come early and leave late. Every time Nishan or Margarit are in Armenia they make sure to come and check on their tatiks and papiks here. They are welcomed guests, not only at the Atinizian Senior Center but by many people in Gyumri,” said FAR Executive Director Garnik Nanagoulian.

“Last month, the governor of Gyumri awarded them with a Certificate of Honor for their long-term support of FAR programs in this city, and for their special care for the city’s elderly. We are very proud of them.”


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