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FAR Stands with Armenia and Artsakh

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

This week, we are grappling with the horrific reality of an attack by the Azeris on our homeland in Artsakh, which has already taken the lives of our brothers and sisters, and which continues to threaten our people. Once again, we find ourselves in the face of war.

As we remain poised and active to defend ourselves, we want you to know that FAR stands with Armenia—our compatriots, our community in our homeland. We are ready to do whatever we can to help our fellow Armenians. As a people we have faced so much—from genocide to displacement to natural disaster to economic hardship—and as a people, we will persevere.

As our Primate and President of FAR Bishop Daniel Findikyan said in his message to the community earlier this week, “The Ambassador informs us that Armenian morale is very strong, and that among our soldiers, civilians, and government officials there is every expectation that Armenia and Artsakh will emerge victorious in this war.”

And we will, indeed. As one of Armenia’s leading humanitarian and development organization, FAR’s mission is to do everything we can to strengthen our country. This includes standing in solidarity with our community during a grave threat. But together, we will overcome and Armenia will thrive.

—From all of us at FAR


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