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FAR Welcomes 101 New Scholarship Recipients 

This fall, 101 bright, young Armenians join the hundreds of students who are already supported by FAR’s Scholarship Program as they become the latest round of first-time recipients.

Each of these students, 85 of whom are working toward their bachelor's degree and 16 working toward their master's degree, benefit from one of FAR’s existing scholarships programs, including the Anush Mathevosian, Jerair Nishanian, Berberian, Armine and Garabed Zambak, Ester Ajemian, Mardigian, Gulamerian, Zapel Yesayan, Avetis and Arsho Baghsarian programs. Full or partial scholarships will help students to realize their dreams and academic aspirations. FAR supports more than 500 students through its scholarship program.

“FAR is a large family. Our doors and hearts are open for you, however we have a big request and a requirement: that you study hard and earn excellent grades at university,” said FAR Education and Science Programs Director Eduard Karapetyan during his welcoming speech, which included a warning that students who don’t maintain their grades will not be renewed for the second year. “So, please, focus on your lessons from the very beginning.”

Due to COVID-19, FAR adapted its application process this year so students could submit all online and conduct their interviews by phone. No home visits were conducted.

We send our most sincere congratulations to all students and we wish you the best in your new endeavors.


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