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French Social Workers Visit FAR’s Children’s Center, Compare Systems.

Recently, FAR’s Children Support Foundation Center’s (CSFC) staff hosted Professors Marie-Geneviève and Joelle Dumasdelage, both of whom have broad experience in social services and child protection issues. The two are members of the International Federation of Social Workers and the National Association of Social Workers (ANAS) French Association, and teach at the State University in Paris.

During their stay in Armenia, Marie and Joelle conducted two training sessions entitled, "France’s Child Protection System: Similarities and Discrepancies." They also met with the Minister of Labor and Social Issues, representatives from the European Delegation in Armenia, the Dean of Sociology at Yerevan State University, the Minister of Welfare in Karabakh, and the Director of FAR’s Office in Yerevan, to establish further collaborative opportunities in the frame of child protection in Armenia.

The visit was also a valuable opportunity for the center’s staff to learn about other systems and exchange ideas with the hope of further collaborating in this sphere.

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