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Getting Ready to Fly to Armenia

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Thursday April 23rd was a special evening for alumni and friends of FAR’s Young Professionals (YP) Trip to Armenia. Approximately 50 people gathered at the Zohrab Center in NYC for a reception and presentation on this year’s trip, which will take place from June 9 – June 23, 2009. The YP trip is a great opportunity for Diaspora Armenians to reconnect to their cultural roots. Over the course of two weeks, participants will visit historic sites (Holy Etchmiadzin and Noravank monastery to name a few) as well as meet with national leaders.

Notable quotes from the event:

Executive Director Garnik Nanagoulian gave a brief description of FAR and the programs it supports, and provided some color with respect to the trip. “This trip is not to show you the best of Armenia or only what we want you to see. We each have our own Armenia. This is an eye-opening trip that lets you discover or rediscover Armenia,” said Nanagoulian.

Natalie Gabrellian, a trip alumnus, shared some of her awe-inspiring photos which provided great entertainment. “It was truly hard to say goodbye to good food, good fun and good friends,” said Gabriellian concluding her presentation. Natalie Gabrellian

Rafi Hovsepian, a YP trip alumnus from 2001, commented on the countryside of Armenia. “They have a traditional Armenian warmness, kindness and hospitality,” said Hovsepian. “When we visited the villages in the countryside, people did not see us as tourists, but Armenians from other parts of the world who came to visit Armenia because we did not forget about them.” Rafi Hovsepian


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