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Happy Birthday, Yerevan!

Yerevan, with towering Ararat watching over it, turns 2791 years old this year. On October 11th, this ancient city burst forth in a birthday celebration full of music, dance, parades, fireworks, light shows, and songs of Yerevan – new and old. People spilled out onto the streets with festive gatherings and carried out morning-til-night jubilations. Erebuni, as it was first named, was born to this land in 782, BC. The Urartians, ancestors to today’s Armenian people, under the rule of King Argishti founded the city as a strategic fortress town, strengthening their power in the Araratian plains as they moved their empire eastward. 2791 years later, Yerevan officials closed the city center of cars while parade participants gathered on this king’s street, Argishti, in front of the Yerevan Municipality and History buildings. With a rush of red, blue and orange, citizens waving flags flooded the main avenues as they sang and danced throughout a city covered with banners, succinctly reading, “Sirum em Quez Erevan” (“I love you, Yerevan”). From ancient times to modern, not a moment has been left unloved, uncared for, or unsung.

We wish you at least another 2791 more, Yerevan!

Performance stages set up around the city encouraged everyone to enjoy music and dance. Here is a video of folk-dressed performers and citizenry alike joining in the day’s fun.

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