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Healing power of the FAR Child protection center

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Watch and learn about how Artyom, an 11-year-old only child of a single mother, a refugee from Artsakh, found a friendly and caring place at the FAR Child Protection Center. He was brought to the Center when he began to display disturbing behavioral issues, refused to go to school, and became unruly. His mother Lusine had difficulty to manage his behavior on her own. The story is highlighted in our 2022 Annual Report, now available exclusively online.

Artyom is calmer, more open to learning and more peaceful with other children thanks to the FAR Child Protection Center, where he will stay until his mom can take him back to Artsakh, once the Armenia-Azerbaijan border blockade is lifted. To support FAR’s Child Protection Program, a safe haven to the most vulnerable children, give today.


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