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Health Trainings Touch Rural Communities Once Again

Public health is a strong part of our Health Program. Recently, our community health trainings were relaunched as face-to-face meetings in rural communities, after having been held remotely for nearly a year and a half.

For Araksya Atoyan, a mother of two living in Tavush Province, this means she can more easily rely on the help of her community physician Dr. Ashken Yesayan to treat her children's allergies and any other issues. One of the few doctors serving this border region, Dr. Yesayan is now leading bi-weekly in-person health trainings, which bring local women together around a discussion table at Choratan Medical Center to talk about issues like children’s health and nutrition, proper sanitation, hygiene and, of course, COVID-19.

“These community trainings are successful because they help participants learn things they can use at home. They are also a way to interact with our community members, distract from everyday routine, and serve as an open area for discussion,” said Araksya, who noted that the primary goal of her visit to the training was how she could better protect her children from COVID-19.

Providing access to accurate information and education about public health is a key part of FAR’s Healthcare Programs.

“Community trainings help mothers improve their skills and knowledge in basic healthcare management of their children,” said Dr. Yesayan. “Apartfrom healthcare topics, we also discuss behavioral issues and methods of communications or connection with children, for example.”


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