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Healthcare for the Sake of Artsakh's People

Dr. Seda Tadevosyan recently took a two-week break to go to Martakert and join our Doctors for Artsakh Program. The program, which kicked off in March 2021, aims to fill gaps in medical personnel and revitalize Artsakh’shealthcare system.

Dr. Tadevosyan, 27, a native of Gyumri, is an endocrinologist who mainly treats those with Type 2 diabetes. For two weeks, she was the only such specialist at Martakert Medical Center where she saw firsthand how the health conditions of many were exacerbated after the war.

About 90% of her patients have what she referred to as “decompensated diabetes,” which may further increase the risk of heart attack and other diseases. She works with her patients to create disciplined routines that include diet plans, follow-up, and medication.

“I used to serve 4-5 people a day. Here I saw 49 patients in the first four days alone,” said Dr. Tadevosyan, who is eager to return to Artsakh at one point. “People line up for a check-up. Here, you need to be both a doctor and a psychologist; to understand the grief and sorrow of the Artsakh people, you must put yourself in their shoes. I recommend that my colleagues set aside their fears and join this program for the sake and health of Artsakh’s people.”

Doctors for Artsakh is one of our great initiatives to help the long-term revitalization of Artsakh. It is made possible by the Armenian-American Health Professionals Organization (AAHPO), the Dr. Raffy Hovanessian Education Fund, Nazarian Family Foundation, Armenian Medical Fund USA, Artsakh's Ministry of Health, and Progressive Medicine NGO.


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