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Helping Armenian Artists Find Inspiration in Nature

In order to support the robust arts community in Armenia, FAR and the Armenian Artists’ Union are providing artists with a unique opportunity to explore nature and find inspiration for their work. During soviet times, artists were sponsored to travel within Armenia as well as internationally in order to find inspiration. Additionally, the state often purchased the art works of the members of Armenian Artists Union. However today, many Armenian artists cannot afford to travel outside of Yerevan. FAR’s joint program with the Armenian Artists’ Union aims to fill the gap by sponsoring artists to visit the more remote regions of Armenia three times a year. For the trips, the groups are provided with transportation, food and art supplies.

Hrach Aloyan, one of the artists participating in the program, shared his impressions with us. “Though I was involved in this Program of FAR in later autumn, when the weather was cold, my heart was warmed thanks to the atmosphere created. For a long time, I have not been able to make a creative journey with my friends. I would like to thank FAR for providing such an opportunity.” As a token of thankfulness, Hrach presented FAR with his painting titled “Ashun” (Autumn). Like Hrach, many Armenian artists dream of new opportunities to visit Karabagh and Javakhk in order to capture the colors of those Armenian lands. FAR hopes to continue to support these artists in their creative endeavors.

Hrach Aloyan's "Ashun"

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