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Helping the Victims of the Haitian Earthquake

It has been 21 years now since the earthquake that destroyed large areas of Armenia—and 21 years since the world’s beautiful outpouring of goodwill towards Armenia and its people. It was then that the Fund for Armenian Relief came to existence and with your help and support we reached out to provide relief to hundreds of thousands Armenians.

Over these past two decades, the memory of our sorrow in 1988 has been re-awakened several times, when natural disasters have struck our fellow human beings in other corners of the world. A sense of solidarity in suffering has inspired FAR family, our compassionate people to provide aid to these fellow victims of devastation.

This week, another such tragedy has taken its toll—this time on the island nation of Haiti. In a region already beset by difficulties, this natural disaster has been especially destructive, and the images coming out of the news have been terribly disheartening.

Today, we are appealing to you to donate to the relief of this disaster. The Fund for Armenian Relief (FAR), will be contributing to the effort to assist the earthquake victims, working through the National Council of Churches.

All proceeds collected—100 percent—will go to the relief effort in Haiti, to be distributed through Church World Service, the humanitarian aid arm of the National Council of Churches.


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