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Honoring Dr. Aram Chobanian through a Landmark Medical Conference

Summer in Armenia began with a significant event—the Post-Graduate Medical Education & Continuing Professional Development Conference—commemorating Dr. Aram Chobanian's legacy. Organized by the International Center for Professional Development (ICPD) and supported by the Fund for Armenia Relief (FAR), the conference aimed to set a new standard for medical conferences.

Key speakers included Dr. Ara Tekian, Dr. Richard Babayan, Dr. Garnik Avetisyan, and Dr. Gohar Yerimyan. The event opened with Dr. Rafi Avitsian's tribute to Dr. Chobanian, followed by Dr. Babayan sharing heartfelt memories and Dr. Tekian delivering a keynote on the future of medical education in Armenia.

The conference attracted 774 participants from Armenia, including displaced individuals from Artsakh, and several international locations, highlighting its global significance. A successful networking session led by Dr. Michael Petrosyan featured 13 organizations and led to the proposal of an annual Graduate Medical Education Day in Armenia.

“Collaborating with the ICPD to support internationally attended conferences marks a significant phase in the strategic development of FAR-Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Programs. This collaboration has enhanced the comprehensiveness of the program, enabling doctors in even the most remote areas of Armenia to access global medical news. After several years of cooperation, the results are notable, particularly in ensuring the relevance of these events. This success lays a stable foundation for organizing future targeted, accessible, and pertinent conferences,” said FAR Health Programs Director Hambardzum Simonyan.

Since 2020, the ICPD has engaged over 6,000 healthcare professionals through conferences and webinars, addressing critical issues like COVID-19 and post-conflict rehabilitation, with the goal of advancing healthcare education in Armenia and beyond.

For more details, you can read the full article here.


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