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How CASP enabled a single mother to cover the basics for her child

Zhenya's earliest memories of her father are of them sitting together in the open-air garden of a tiny house in Guburdo village of Akhalkalaki region, Georgia, talking about Zhenya's dreams and future profession. However, little did he know that "a future would never arrive for him."

Vagharshak Hamazaryan passed away in February 2016, just a month after celebrating his 40th birthday, due to an embolism, leaving behind his two-year-old daughter Zhenya and his wife Karine to face numerous challenges. "It was incredibly difficult to raise a child while living in a dilapidated one-room house, which eventually fell apart, forcing us to move to my in-laws' house until we could renovate our own, which we haven’t been able to so far. Vagharshak had purchased it with the intention of renovating it, so we could all live there together, unfortunately, his plans never came to fruition," shared Karine, who struggles to make ends meet.

The family relies on their two cows for income, as they sell the milk and cheese they produce. In addition, Zhenya, 9, receives a monthly state benefit of approximately $45 (120 GEL). Karine also cultivates potatoes in their small garden for their own consumption. "Zhenya helps me with the cultivation, but my earnest desire is for her to live with dignity and enjoy her childhood," she candidly expressed.

Since 2018, Zhenya has been accepted into the Children of Armenia Sponsorship Program (CASP), which means she will receive a financial stipend every year until she turns 18. Thanks to this support, Karine has been able to purchase essential items such as clothes, school supplies, and firewood. "My only wish now is to provide a roof over my daughter's head and renovate the house that Vagharshak bought for us before his passing."

Through the CASP program, generously supported by the dedicated volunteers of the Women’s Guild of the Eastern Diocese of the Armenian Church of America (WGCC), you can make a difference in the lives of children like Zhenya, empowering them to forge purposeful paths in their journey through life.

Please consider donating to support these children and help them grow with dignity.


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