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I hope to hug my grandson again

At the Vanadzor Old Age Home (VOAH), Prafonya Asryan, 87, a former resident of the Tumi village in the Hadrut region, has discovered a new sense of family. Displaced from various senior centers in Armenia as a result of the devastating 44-day war in Artsakh, Prafonya has finally found solace in the peaceful environment of Vanadzor. The caring staff members have not only offered her the essential support she requires but have also displayed a genuine affectionate demeanor.

"I love it here: the food, the breathtaking nature, and my roommate. However, there's a part of me that deeply misses Hadrut," she expressed, her eyes revealing a tinge of sorrow. "The taste of Hadrut's food, the echoes of its landscapes, and the memories of my life intertwined with Hadrut are irreplaceable," said Prafonya, who often reminisces about her homeland and murmurs songs about Artsakh while walking around the VOAH backyard or gazing at cherished photos of her grandson, Artak, 28, who currently serves in the Artsakh army.

Prafonya's journey traces back to her displacement from Baku, Azerbaijan, in 1989. She resettled in Gyumri, where she met her husband before eventually moving to Hadrut. It was there that she built a home, raised her four children, and engaged in animal husbandry. Unfortunately, recent years have been challenging. Her main contact person has become Artak, who has been unable to visit her due to the blockade of the Lachin corridor by Azerbaijanis. The blockade has severed the vital connection between Armenia and Artsakh, making it increasingly difficult for Prafonya to reunite with her beloved grandson. Despite the distance and painful separation, she holds onto hope to see and hug Artak again.

Vanadzor Old Age Home is supported through the Kevork and Sirvart Karamanouk Foundation, It caters to more than 55 seniors low-income elderly Armenians where they can access support for all of their physical and psychological needs and medical care.

By making a donation to FAR today, you can positively impact the lives of seniors like Prafonya Asryan and enable us to provide essential care and support at Vanadzor Old Age Home.


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