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In a Time Like This, Armenians Must Stand Strong

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Over the past few decades, we have seen great changes in Armenia. Thanks to you, FAR has been a direct player in the increased strength and renewed pride of our independent nation. Nation-building and democracy are still relatively new to our Third Republic of Armenia and it has not come without challenges or threats. We saw that with the most recent Artsakh War in 2020, one in which we lost part of our precious Artsakh. A war whose impact we continue to grapple with. With your help, FAR has done its fair share for those who have been displaced by war. Whether it be through opportunities to build better livelihoods, to access education and shelter, or strengthen the infrastructure of Artsakh—from its healthcare system to its social services—we are already making a difference. We have enabled people like Violeta, a mother of nine, to finally have a stable roof over her family’s head. After fleeing Artsakh, they dealt with mud floors and a lack of proper heating. Now, the younger children are in school and the older ones have found jobs with help from our Support for Artsakh’s Displaced project. Our work has also brought people like Dr. Seda Tadevosyan to join our Doctors for Artsakh program, where she spent two weeks treating those with Type 2 Diabetes and ultimately deciphering a pattern exacerbated by war. She is encouraging her colleagues to go to Artsakh to also make a difference in the health of Armenians, which will ultimately help with revitalization. These actions contribute toward keeping Armenia strong. It is at a time like this, when so many unpredictable things are happening in the world—things that could impact Armenia—that we need to remember the importance of standing with our brothers and sisters. Each of us can play a role in contributing to a greater nation through our support. It is through this support—this unity—that we can keep our motherland strong. Let’s continue to stand together, to work together with renewed strength for the land that is so very precious to all Armenians.


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