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Interview with Dr. Steven E. Wilson, Author of “The Ghosts of Anatolia”.

Dr. Steven E. Wilson will talk about his latest book The Ghosts of Anatolia: An Epic Journey to Forgiveness at the NYC’s Zohrab Center on November 11.

Award-winning author Dr. Steven E. Wilson recently published his latest adventure novel “The Ghosts of Anatolia: An Epic Journey to Forgiveness” a story about three families, two Turkish and one Armenian, at the start of World War I. After a trip to Jerusalem, Dr. Wilson, an ophthalmologist and scientist by profession, was inspired to write a historical novel about the Armenian Genocide. “The Ghosts of Anatolia” is his third publication. Taleen Babayan recently interviewed Dr. Wilson, who will present his newest book at the Zohrab Center on Thursday evening, November 11.

Taleen Babayan: What motivated you to write a novel with the Armenian Genocide serving as the backdrop?


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