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Jason Paul Kazarian will speak on Armenian Information Technology

Jason Paul Kazarian, former Executive Director for FAR's Gyumri Information Technologies Center project, will be giving a lecture primarily based on his long-term in-country experiences to the Armenian Engineers & Scientists of America on March 16. The lecture, which will be free and open to the public, will be held at the Armenian Society of Los Angeles in the Iranahye Center, 320 W Wilson Ave, Ste 107, in Glendale, California. Topics of the talk will include an overview of the current states of business opportunity, education, and infrastructure as related to Information Technology activities within the Republic of Armenia.

We encourage you to attend the lecture. But if you can't, Jason promises us he will post the lecture slides, bibliographic references, and source links on a web site shortly afterwards. We'll get that information to you in a future blog post.


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