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Listening to Armenia - Garik’s Alternative Sound

A culture, alive, must breathe life from the past, the present, and the future. Armenian music is no exception. Preservation of traditional folk songs must live alongside new creations and lead to unexpected future artistic developments. It’s easy to get lost, looking back over one’s shoulder to what came before. But you might find yourself tripping over what’s right in front of you, now.

There are groups of young musicians exploring their own expressions, lyrics, and talents through various musical mediums, popular today. The singer and guitarist Garik has put out the first alternative rock album in Armenians’ musical history. The song, “Qakhaqe Lav Giti” (“Knows the City Well”) is created in collaboration with Armenian rapper, Misho. The outcome? An enrapturing combination of yearning dissonant Seattle sound lyrically wound around verses in sharpened chanting rap expression.

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