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Local Entrepreneur Reaps Benefits of FAR Business Training

One year ago, Sos Danielyan, 46, from the Berd Region, started his own business. Today, he is reaping the fruits of his labor.

The launch of his metalwork production enterprise was made possible due to FAR’s “Start Your Business” initiative, from which Sos and 36 other participants benefitted. The five-day training program, which is part of the BCPP project, enabled him to learn some valuable lessons as well as receive financial support. Other participants have also kicked off their respective service, agriculture and wine production businesses.

“The training helped me formulate and pitch my business idea with a clear plan and budget, as well as an implementation strategy,” said Sos, who noted that this has been his dream for many years. He is the only one in Armenia’s Berd Region who produces metal nets, which serve as material for building fencing for gardens, fields and houses, putting his product in high demand.

His customers are mainly from his own Navur Village, as well as from nearby Chinchin and Nerkin Karmiraghbyur villages, and Berd City.

Sos and his father had the same business some 20 years ago, but making the nets back then was difficult and time consuming. Eventually, they shut down.

“The new machine purchased thanks to BCPP’s program is very easy to use; I can produce a net of 1.5 by 10 meters in two to three hours. Before, it would take me 24 hours,” said Sos, who added that the nets are of good quality and last from 5 to 10 years. "I am very pleased with my business, which has become my main source of income. In the course of one year, I have received orders worth 2 million AMD; last month I sold over 500 meters of nets worth 450,000 AMD,” he said.


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