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Marta from Artsakh has found a lifeline at FAR's Soup Kitchen

Working at the FAR’s Gyumri Atinizian Senior Center has given Marta, 38, more than just a job—it's become a lifeline for her family's fresh start in Gyumri.

Just days after arriving in Gyumri, Marta started looking for employment both online and offline. Fortunately, she stumbled upon a meaningful opportunity at the Atinizian Senior Center, which provides essential food services to over 170 seniors, many of whom are grappling with meager incomes and modest pensions.

“We used to lead a normal life in Artsakh, but the Azeri’s recent attack thrust us from our homes and homeland into the unknown—no roof over our heads and no clear path forward. I count myself lucky to have a friend in Gyumri who helped me secure a rented house. Since October 24, I've been donning the apron as a cook assistant at the soup kitchen. The initial days were a bit unnerving, my hands trembling as I served meals to seniors, but I quickly adapted. This job isn't just a paycheck; it's my lifeline. I needed this to navigate daily challenges, bring home the essentials, and build a stable life. We can't subsist on humanitarian aid indefinitely; it's time to stand on our own feet," said Marta reflecting on her employment journey thus emphasizing its importance, especially with her children now enrolled in school and college, and her husband actively seeking employment.

Marta's son, Armen, dreams of becoming a soldier to "bring back his Artsakh," while Marta simply desires to raise her children in peace. "Peaceful stability is my ultimate dream. I long for a better life for my family and fellow displaced compatriots, a return to the normalcy we knew before the war, and the tranquility of a peaceful mind."

In the spirit of Thanksgiving and in support of Marta's dream of stability and a better in Armenia, consider making a donation to FAR today. Your contribution can be the key to unlocking a resilient future for Marta and others seeking solace and renewal.


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