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Meet Lusine: Defying societal norms by embracing beekeeping

Dressed in her beekeeping gear, Lusine steps into her backyard, where her buzzing friends eagerly await her arrival. These bees aren't just a hobby—they're her livelihood, bringing both joy and essential income to her doorstep. With a sense of pride, she recounts how in the remote village of Tsaghkavan, Tavush province, people would question women's beekeeping abilities. Many couldn't fathom the idea of women not only engaging in beekeeping but also turning it into a thriving business. Yet, undeterred by skepticism, she persevered, dedicating herself to continuous learning and hard work. Before long, her determination caught FAR’s attention, presenting her with the opportunity she had longed for.

"When I first started beekeeping, it wasn't easy, but my father-in-law supported me greatly. Being a woman entrepreneur for around three years has taught me that when you believe in something, you mustn’t give up on your dreams; you must instead create your own story," said Lusine, a 30-year-old mom of two and a teacher of Armenian language and literature, who has defied societal norms of Tsaghkavan village and embraced the art of beekeeping. "This profession has not only brought me great satisfaction through the constant learning opportunities and the accumulation of new knowledge in the field, but also the therapy that bees offer when you are working on the hive. From bees, you learn hard work, to know your place and role in life, and to know your duty. Beekeeping teaches you discipline, responsibility, and the interconnectedness of all living beings in nature's complex network."

In an effort to expand their business and boost honey production, Lusine applied for FAR’s "Start your Business" project in 2021. Upon completing the business trainings successfully, she pitched her business plan and was awarded ten bee hives. As a result, their honey sales have surged from an average of 90,000 AMD to approximately 500,000 AMD per year.

Many women in remote areas of Armenia stand poised to become thriving entrepreneurs with our support. Your contributions to FAR today will empower them on their journey towards economic prosperity and self-reliance.

“Start your Business” is a part of the FAR’s Breaking the Cycle of Poverty in Tavush province (BCPP) multifaceted project generously funded by the Mardigian Family Foundation.


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