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More than one hundred smiles

Sometimes, it can be hard to come across a smile in Armenia. This is generally due to difficult social conditions that FAR works to remedy. However, some children are simply unable to smile, as they are born with the congenital defect of cleft palate or lip.

Years ago the “Smile” International Organization was born, allowing doctors to perform operations to fix this condition afflicting children in various countries. Last October, the project was launched in Armenia, with visiting physicians operating on nearly 50 children from various Armenian regions. In coming weeks, 50-55 more operations will be performed on beneficiaries from Armenian regions. “These children are also born beautiful as the others. However, only due to this life changing operation their beauty becomes complete.” stated Armenian Deputy Health Minister Tatul Hakobyan. As a result of such rehabilitation operations the children acquire not only a smile but also new friends and new opportunities.

FAR covers the transportation, accommodation and food expenses of the patients from the Armenian regions. This initiative is a result of team work, thanks to which, in our cozy corner of the big world, more than hundred new smiles will appear.


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