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My Only Wish is that my Kids Have a Dignified Future

Lina and Seryoja live with their mother Meri in Syunik Province. Their father passed away last year after undergoing numerous surgeries to save him from the injuries he received during the Four-Day-War of 2016. Now Meri is a single mom who struggles to make ends meet as she works at a daycare center and studies at the local university.

Ever since her two daughters, ages 8 and 12, were accepted to receive support from our Children of Armenia Sponsorship Program (CASP), Meri feels some relief from her financial burdens. The annual CASP stipend supplements her income, enabling her to pay her energy and food bills more easily.

“It’s been tough for me to be a single mom, but it’s also empowering. My kids are my backbone, my motivation to live and move forward,” she said. “My only wish is to help my kids have a dignified future.”


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