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New Joint Program: FAR and Traumatology Republican Scientific Center

A new program to explore and cure the skeletal system distraction/ disorder in children will be initially implemented in the Shirak Region of Armenia. The first assignment visit to Gyumri was made on May 7th, 2009.

Within the framework of the visit, the working team (TRSC Scientific Director T. Khanamiryan, TRSC employee G. Ayvazyan, FAR Health Programs Coordinator H. Simonyan) held meetings with local responsible officials of the region’s health care system. All parties welcomed the joint-venture with great enthusiasm.

As a result, the program implementation schedule (June 11 – one-day seminar, June 20-29 - one week practical training) in the Gyumri Maternity Hospital were planned. Participants and local contacts were defined according to their professions and residences.


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