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Our Last Days in Yerevan

Our last two days in Yerevan reminded everyone that nearly two weeks have passed since we first landed in the Motherland. This sudden return to reality left everyone nostalgic, remembering the highlights of our trip during our last dinner together.

Our free time in Yerevan enabled us to explore the city. I went to the Vernissage (an open air market where one can literally find anything you need), strolled down the streets of Yerevan and ended up in the open air cafes at the Opera.

We also had the chance to meet Mrs. Hranush Hakobyan, the newly established Minister of Diaspora. Everyone was a little bit nervous, but we soon realized that Mrs. Hakobyan was very indeed not only very friendly but a great resource to learn about "our" Armenia. After a presentation by the Ministry of Diaspora, we were able to ask our questions which were patiently answered by Mrs. Hakopian.

Now, sadly the 14th annual YP Trip has come to an end.

I invite everyone to join next year’s trip. I know now that you will have a hard time understanding the feelings it leaves you with until you experience Armenia for yourself.

- Celine


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