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Pasadena Armenian Center Draws A New Generation of Dedicated Armenian Americans.

Young Armenian Americans are learning how to forge a common bond.

PASADENA—Week after week, month after month, they keep coming to the new Pasadena Armenian Center on Foothill Boulevard. They come to learn, to play, to share a unique experience and forge a common bond. Who are they? They are the proud members of the ARF Badenagan Pasadena “Nigol Touman” Chapter. With over eighty members and a dedicated team of senior advisors, the Badenagan Chapter offers a promising window into how a strong community center can serve as a rallying point for a new generation of dedicated Armenian Americans.

The Pasadena Armenian Center welcomes badanees every Friday for meetings that include educational, cultural and other fun activities that bring together the youngsters – with ages ranging from 8 to 16 years of age. For decades now, the Pasadena “Nigol Touman” ARF Badenagan Chapter has provided hundreds of young Armenian Americans the tools they need – including a commitment to public service and volunteerism – to be civic leaders in both their community and in the broader society they live in.


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