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Passing the Hosharian Baton.

In a world where young musicians are bombarded with hip hop and rock, Greg Hosharian is reacquainting them with music’s classical roots.

Composer/conductor Greg Hosharian is one of today’s talented artists that is on a mission to preserve classical music. As the founder of the Armenian Pops Orchestra, Greg is committed to bringing young musicians on stage, in hopes of influencing peers.

“There is a lack of exposure in the schooling system,” which is how he sees the absence of motivation.

Youngsters today have digital libraries filled with an abundance of hip hop and rock, but are seldom populated with Beethoven or Bach. With mainstream media streaming the latest hits, it is no wonder why today’s youth has strayed away from the actual roots of those very hits. Greg believes the addition of more classical FM radio stations in major cities would certainly contribute, but there is still one missing link: how to attract more listeners. Perhaps we need younger musicians, in this specific category, to get it back on the map.


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