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Please Take Care of my Son

Svetlana Avanesyan lost her husband, Onik, in the Four-Day-April War of 2016. Onik, a lieutenant colonel, was killed while trying to save the lives of two fellow soldiers.

His last words, according to Svetlana were: “Please take care of my family and my son, Hovhannes,” who was only 11 at the time.

“Until 2016, we were a happy and caring family who used to enjoy life. Unfortunately, we will never feel pure joy again,” said Svetlana who tried to cope with her loss by better focusing on her two children, Tatevik, 20, and Hovhannes, 17. Hovhannes has been supported by CASP since 2017 and he is one of the 50 children of fallen Four-Day-War soldiers from Artsakh included in the program, which is made possible through Knights and Daughters of Vartan.

CASP has helped Svetlana to make ends meet as a single mom. You can also support the children of Artsakh’s fallen soldiers today and donate on FAR’s website.

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